“Amy encourages me to challenge myself and to write the best possible book I can, one that I will be proud of (not just one that’ll sell).”
-Amy Reed, author of Beautiful, Clean, The Nowhere Girls and others

“Amy’s response time is lightning-fast, whether it’s with emails or edits or any other business. And if she can’t respond right away, she’ll always let you know when she can. In the publishing world of hurry-up-wait, Amy is a joy to work with! Her editing skills are stellar–I always see my manuscript with new eyes after Amy’s finished with it.”
-Kirstin Cronn-Mills, author of 2014 Stonewall Award winner Beautiful Music For Ugly Children, Original Fake, and more

“Amy is quick to respond and always insightful. She is fun to brainstorm with when I am stuck on a plot point, and working with her has taken the fear and much of the anxiety out of the revision and submission process for me. Amy somehow manages to balance her professional position with an actual interest in who you are as a person in addition to your writing and publication goals. In this industry, Amy is absolutely a breath of fresh air, no matter how cliché that may sound.”
-Heather Truett, debut author

“Amy is supportive, efficient, knowledgeable, and persistent – a tireless champion for my work. She is also 100% responsive – I always get a timely and informative reply to all my questions, usually within hours! After I became Amy’s client in 2015, she made the process of being on submission (and beyond) seamless and stress-free. I greatly value Amy’s editorial input into my writing. With her, I always feel like I’m a priority – she reads my work quickly and offers insightful feedback. Under Amy’s guidance, for each new project we do at least one (more, if needed) round of revisions, where I address her detailed editorial and structural comments on a manuscript before it is shown to editors. Amy is brilliant, and it’s an absolute blast working with her.”
-Katya de Becerra, author of the forthcoming books What the Wood Keep and Oasis

“Amy has been a breath of fresh air. Her communication is stellar, with almost instant-responses to email. The speed at which she reviews my manuscripts is superhuman, and the feedback she gives isn’t just surface level – it’s in depth: Amy is editorial with a fine eye for detail. She doesn’t send something off unless she’s guided me through multiple rounds of revision and the manuscript is as perfect as it can be. What’s more, Amy understands the importance of branding and building a strong focus across manuscripts, which is something I’ve admittedly struggled with in the past.

As a side-note, Amy is also really, really funny. She’s someone I look forward to talking to, whether it’s about revisions, new ideas, editor lists, or our favorite TV shows. Working with her is an honest pleasure.”
-Lorien Lawrence, debut author

“Amy is an amazing champion for her clients and has been a great advocate for me and my work. Her response times are lightning fast AND extremely detailed. Honestly, I don’t know how she does it but I’m so grateful to have her in my corner!”
-Lindsey Culli, author of And This Above All and Say Yes Summer

“Every time I produce a manuscript idea or a premise, Amy’s willing to listen. She’ll bat an idea back and forth, and she’ll offer a plot twist or turn that can make the story take a leap forward … Whether I’ve produced a partial or a whole manuscript, she’ll read it super close and deliver–often, in under a week!!!–the unvarnished truth about my prose. She praises what works and rips what doesn’t. That is key. There is no room for tender feelings in this process, even though they’ll crop up anytime anyone tells you what’s bad. I’d rather have my advocate tell me straight up than an editor who doesn’t want the book.”
-Lyn Fairchild Hawks, debut author

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