1. What is your communication style?

I am very communicative, accessible and friendly. 

2. How long does it take you to reply? (Do you reply?) How long will it take you to read?

I am usually fast. You can expect near immediate responses on emails regarding your project and fast read times on their manuscripts–the average read takes anywhere between 2-3 weeks but I will always strive for sooner.

3. To what extent are you editorial?

I read and take (detailed) notes and will read part of your revision (and if it requires, take more notes and if you want me to continue reading, a fee will be discussed). 

4. Will I be working solely with you, or will there be times I’ll work with an associate or assistant?

Clients will work directly with me.

5. How many clients do you take on at once?  Are you confident you have enough time and energy to add another client to your roster?  If it’s not already full, how many clients do you wish to have eventually?

At present, I’m currently taking 2-3 clients a month. I am not sure to what extent it will grow–I am extremely picky, after all–but I will never take on more than I can handle. I keep a small and selective list so authors can have my full attention.

6. What happens if I can’t sell this book? 

I can’t guarantee your book will find representation nor get offered a book deal. My advice? Write another book. (Sometimes book 2 or 3 is the first book published.)

7. Can you recommend an agent for my work?

I will not recommend agents, sorry, however if you check in the back of books you like/books similar to yours, there in the acknowledgment page the agent is usually thanked–query those agents. (This is the typical answer, unless you want to pay for consulting on your submission list…)

8. If you could pick the next (female) reboot what would you like to see?

This is, without a doubt, the hardest question! (I can’t pick just one, three immediately come to mind!) I would choose “The Goonies” or “The Monster Squad” or “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” (I would also love a “Shauna of the Dead”)!