“Amy’s editing skills are stellar–I always see my manuscript with new eyes after Amy’s finished with it.”

-Kirstin Cronn-Mills, author of 2014 Stonewall Award winner Beautiful Music For Ugly Children

1. What is your communication style?

I am very communicative, accessible and friendly! 

2. How long does it take you to reply? How long will it take you to read?

I am usually fast. You can expect near immediate responses on emails regarding your project and fast read times on your manuscript! The average read takes anywhere between 2-3 weeks but I will always strive for sooner.

3. To what extent are you editorial?

You can choose between a Developmental Read and an Editorial Assessment when working with me. Each offers a different approach to editing your work.

4. Will I be working solely with you, or will there be times I’ll work with an associate or assistant?

Clients will work directly with me, Amy Tipton.

5. How many clients do you take on at once?  Are you confident you have enough time and energy to add another client to your roster?

I’m currently taking 2-3 clients a month. I keep a small and selective list so authors can have my full attention.

6. What happens if I can’t sell this book? 

I cannot guarantee you representation, nor guarantee you a book deal. My advice? Write another book. (Sometimes book 2 or 3 is the first book published!)

7. Can you recommend an agent for my work?

I will not recommend or refer agents.

8. What’s on your manuscript wishlist?

  • Contemporary, girl-driven YA
  • Awkward, goofy, light-hearted romances
  • Fun-filled adventures for all ages
  • Bone-chilling horror
  • Quirky paranormal, or fantasy
  • Check the FGB Instagram for more MSWL!

“As well as making my book better, Amy helped me become a stronger writer, dispensing insightful, clear and detailed feedback that made me feel encouraged and supported. Plus, she’s funny.”

–Elka Ray, author of Divorce is Murder
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