Ready to Go Feral?

I am committed to representing authors and work from all walks of life. I’m particularly passionate about representing the voices of the marginalized and disenfranchised and, in me, those voices will find an unwavering advocate.

In an industry that is often slow to embrace change, I pride myself on being part of the push toward a more diverse publishing landscape through the authors and stories I represent.

I am most interested in representing female and female-identifying voices. I am drawn to the unique pressures and circumstances girls and women face and there is no female character too “unlikable” to pique my interest. I firmly believe female characters deserve to be featured with the same depth and range as their male counterparts.

Amy is NOT looking for:

  • Self-help/Spiritual books
  • Exercise/health books
  • Memoirs that deal with cancer or death/grieving
  • Poetry
  • Screenplays
  • I am likely to pass on 9/11 narratives
  • I am also uninterested in most rape narratives or stories of abuse/domestic violence

Amy’s Current Favorites:

TV SHOWS: The Resort


BANDS/SINGER: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion-Now I Got Worry

SONG: Kate Bush–Wuthering Heights

BOOK: The Serial Killer’s Wife by Alice Hunter

How to Query Feral Girl Books:

  • Query me with a brief description of your project; this doesn’t have to be a manuscript, but please specify!
  • Please tell me if you are interested in one editorial package in particular.
  • Within the body of the e-mail please include a writing sample, or up to five pages of a manuscript.
  • Any submissions with unrequested attachments will be deleted unread.
  • Submit your query to
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