I may not be able to guarantee you rep BUT I can guarantee you will put your best book forward!

With 13 years of publishing experience, I am now offering my editorial services to all female authors! My specialty has always been reality-based, girl-centric YA–I believe in truthful storytelling, even if/when hard to tell/read. But I also enjoy awkward, goofy, light-hearted romances (including chick lit or beach reads) and fun-filled adventures as well as bone-chilling, spooky stories and quirky paranormal or fantastical tales.


  • Query Letter

Query letters are a different animal than the actual book. They can be hard to write. Let me help you polish yours! (Trust me, I’ve read plenty–I know what works/what doesn’t!) For $175 flat, I’ll help you suss out the vital info.

  • Developmental Read (Partials and Fulls)

This is my favorite kind of edit–looking at character, dialogue, plot, and pacing. A good developmental read might cut/rearrange/entirely reshape the manuscript; it can be hard for authors to accept this criticism but it will make a stronger book. (However, if your manuscript is already great, this read confirms it–not much work will need to be done/suggested.) A developmental read is pretty much the last read you need before a copy edit/proofread. All of this is done via Track Changes within the manuscript.

(Partial reads are at least 50 pages for $.020/per word and fulls are $900 flat [up to 99,999 words–after that it’s an extra $.020/per word]. On average, fulls give you more value for your money… If you allow me to read and read again–read your revision–the full will be $500 flat, partials are still $.020.)

  • Developmental Read (Ideas Week Discount)

If you choose an idea from my ‘ideas week’ on Tumblr (or Instagram), I give a 50% discount! (So the total is split in half. Only $450 for a full!)

  • Developmental Read (Short Stories, Essays, and Articles)

I will help you edit your shorter fiction or shorter nf for .020/per word.

  • Editorial Assessment

An editorial assessment is a valuable first overview of your manuscript–no Track Changes/thoughts or comments in the text. I will read through the entire manuscript and after will provide feedback. (Feedback from an editorial assessment can lead to significant changes to your manuscript.) The assessment will help identify your book’s strengths and weaknesses which can help you revise and improve the execution of your idea.

(Again, partial reads are at least 50 pages for $.020/per word and fulls are $600 flat [up to 99,999 words–after that it’s an extra $.020/per word].)

  • Light Proofreading

I am by no means a ‘proofreader’ from a publishing house so I am offering light proofreading–ensuring there are no spelling or punctuation mistakes–for $30/hour total due upon completion.

  • Consulting

I can be persuaded to help with sub lists–I won’t create one for you but I’ll help narrow down what agencies might be best if you have a list already/have done the homework required. For $45/hour, total due on completion, let my expertise help you query the right people for your book.

  • Writing Coach (a package deal of all the above plus more)

For 3 months OR if you find an agent/don’t need me–whichever comes first–I will do everything listed above PLUS reread those revisions and discuss branding and brainstorm ideas for new books–help shape those ideas into situations or characters or bits of dialogue–whatever you need and I’ll be your support system (I’m nothing if not supportive!) throughout (what can be) a lonely and depressing time (yes, I’ll even listen/commiserate when you write that 2AM email ranting about how ___ is a bestseller and you can barely get your foot in the door). Be warned, this package possibly comes with fun gifs and memes and YouTube videos and talk of random TV shows… Consider me your agent without actually being your agent! This package is $1500 flat. (However, I know that’s hard to pay upfront so, if need be, split it in half and that’s $750 up front and $750 in month 3 …) I am pretty picky regarding long-term projects so I am not available to take on everyone who wants in–sorry. Please inquire first.

I realize this is an investment and therefore can work with you regarding payment, if need be; however, no matter what price is discussed, flat fees are paid upfront (with the exception of coaching).

(Also, if you don’t see a service you need, please email/ask!)