Services & Rates

After years of work in the publishing industry as a New York Times bestselling literary agent, I am now offering editorial services to women, persons of trans experience, non-binary, and gender non-conforming authors.


Query Letter

  • Query Letter Edit $90
  • Package Deal: Query + first 10-15 pages or first chapter $225

Given my experience, I know how to keep your query from the infamous slush pile!

Developmental Read

  • Developmental Read (Full, up to 100K words) $900
  • Developmental Read (Short Stories, Essays, and Articles) $.020/word

This is my favorite kind of edit–looking at character, dialogue, plot, and pacing. A good developmental read might cut/rearrange/entirely reshape the manuscript, or confirm that it is ready for publication! We will work on your edits together and get your manuscript ready to query, or for publication!

Editorial Assessment

  • Editorial Assessment (Full, up to 100K words) $675

An editorial assessment is a valuable first overview of your manuscript. I will read through the entire manuscript and after will provide feedback. The assessment will help identify your book’s strengths and weaknesses which can help you revise and improve the execution of your idea as you work towards querying literary agents.

Writing Coach

  • Writing Coach (bespoke quotes for up to 3 months duration)

I will do everything listed above plus reread revisions and discuss branding and brainstorm ideas for new books. My goal is to be your support system as you prepare to query, or publish, your newly polished manuscript.

Consider me your agent without my being your agent!